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Cold & Flu Season is Coming - Stock Up Now!

Ah yes. Fall. Leaves changing, Temperatures dropping. Plans in place for family and friends gathering for the Holidays.

Which means you're going to be exposed to all those pesky germs that bring the runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, etc., associated with the wonderful seasons of Fall and Winter!

While you can't lock yourself up in your house and avoid being exposed to the cold and flu, you can take steps to build your immune system and protect yourself. But you need to stock up NOW, because every year the best natural cold and flu remedies invariably run out. And just when you need natural remedies most, everyone else has already stocked up, leaving you with no alternative but over-the-counter cold and flu potions that do more harm than good.

Below, I've listed the most effective supplements and herbals to boost your immune system and stop a cold or flu before it gets past your defenses. These are the remedies that I and my family personally use, so don't wait! Get 'em while they're still available!

All of these remedies are Professional-Grade, from Xymogen, so you can be assured of their quality. They're safe and effective for kids as well. There is a link on the Beyond The Symptom website to create your own account with Xymogen, so you can place your order and have whatever you need delivered right to your door!

Now, here's that list:

~ Viragraphis

Contains Andrographis, the most powerful anti-viral herb on the planet. In addition, Viragraphis contains a combination of other herbs that work synergistically with Andrographis to make this an even more potent remedy. Take one capsule, twice a day as a preventative. Two capsules, twice a day if you have symptoms.

~ Quercitin

Quercitin binds to Zinc and transports it into the cells very rapidly. Zinc then kills any virus in the cells and also prevents other viruses from entering. Take one capsule, twice a day as a preventative. Two capsules, twice a day if you have symptoms.

~ Zinc Glycinate

Chelated and formulated for enhanced absorption, Zinc Glycinate goes hand-in-hand with the Quercitin to kill viruses in the cells and prevent other viruses from getting in. Take one capsule, twice a day.

~ Immunotix 250

Contains whole Beta Glucan particle, which is like a nuclear weapon that your immune system wields against viruses and all germs and bacteria. Take one capsule, twice a day if symptoms are present.

~ Xcellent C

A high-potency vitamin C formula that also contains BioPerine, a proprietary black pepper extract that promotes absorption and bioavailability of vitamin C. Vitamin C is not only a key nutrient for the immune system, it’s also a powerful antioxidant. Take two capsules, twice a day as a preventive. Increase to two capsule, three times a day if symptoms are present.

~ K2D3 5,000

Vitamin D plays a major role regulating the immune system, especially the immune responses to viral infection. Studies show that a vitamin D deficiency increases risk of respiratory tract infection, which is the key component that makes COVID-19 so lethal. And sufficient levels of Vitamin K in patients with COVID-19 has been linked to improved health outcomes. Take one a day as a preventive. Increase to two a day if symptoms are present.

~ Immune Tonic

Elderberry and Echinacea in liquid form, which means your body is absorbing it as soon as you swallow. The anti-viral and anti-bacterial capabilities of Echinacea are well- documented. Elderberry is a powerful immune system booster that also tamps down the cytokine storm-causing inflammatory response common to COVID-19. One teaspoon per day, per instructions on bottle.

And there you have the most effective and comprehensive combination of natural remedies that will not only kill any virus or bacteria, but prevent an infection as well.

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